Clarence Flea Market – August 3 – Last Chance

We are planning to be at the Clarence flea market again this Sunday. (August 3, 2014).  This will be our last Sunday at the flea market this summer!

We are planning to be there.
We are located towards the east end of the flea market, directly across from the kettle corn booth, next to Three Old Dogs antiques.wpid-wp-1404527816923.png

Stop by, say hello and check out what we have.  This is the last time we are planning on being at the Clarence Flea Market this year!!!

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Thank you for all for your support,
The SurvivalGuy


P. S.  Don’t forget time is running out if you are interested in the Wilderness Survival Workshop.
Thank you for all or your support,
Adam the SurvivalGuy

As a reminder you can always see our schedule on the Calendar/Events page.

Please help us grow, like us on Please like us on facebook and share with your friends.

I am an avid outdoorsman. I have been outdoors since I was a kid. I was in Boy Scouts until we moved during my junior year of high school. At which point I was Life rank starting to work toward Eagle. I have been camping, hunting, fishing, hiking as long as I can remember. I have done presentations and workshops with groups ranging from children to adults. I have done several presentations/demonstrations in regards to fire making and knot tying (most popular) and many other topics. I have worked with a variety of scouts and leaders. We had a preparedness group where we would discuss various topics related to being prepared, canning, gardening, natural disasters, etc. I truly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have with others.

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