Wilderness Survival Workshop – August 2014

We are planning another wilderness survival workshop.  This one will be held at Carlton Hill (State Land).  This will be a bit different than the workshop we do at Godfrey’s Pond.  This one will be on state land which presents some additional challenges.  There won’t be any modern conveniences.  I will post more later.



With Adam-the Survivalguy
Join us for a fun time of learning the basics of Wilderness Survival.  This hands-on workshop will teach you some basic skills and knowledge necessary to stay alive and healthy in the outdoors with a minimum of gear.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Psychology of survival
  • Shelter Basics
  • Basic fire making (no lighters or matches)
  • Finding food in the wild
  • Procuring, purifying, and unusual water sources
  • Getting rescued – various ways to signal for rescue
  • Navigation
  • Survival “kits”

Workshop Location: Carlton Hill (State Land)
Saturday, August 9th, 2014    Workshop:  10:00am to 4:00pm
Workshop Fee:  $50.00 per person (family discount offered for more than one member from a family…contact for details).  Pre-registration preferred.  Registration is due by Friday, 8/8 but we will take walk-ins on Saturday provided there is room in the workshop.

Participants should bring:  water/fluids, snack and /or bag lunch, comfortable outdoor clothing & hiking shoes, sun screen, insect repellent and rain gear.  Also, bring your own emergency fire starter (no lighters or matches).  If you do not have one, we will have some available for sale (not required, but recommended).  We recommend if you do not have one, to wait until you see the different types at the workshop to determine which one is best for you.

Minimum age is 12 years.   But participants 14 or younger should be accompanied by parent or guardian.  If you have questions or need more info, please contact us.

Wilderness Survival Workshop Flyer_2014_CFS_CarltonHill.
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Thank you for all for your support,
The SurvivalGuy
Thank you for all or your support,
Adam the SurvivalGuy

As a reminder you can always see our schedule on the Calendar/Events page.

Please help us grow, like us on Please like us on facebook and share with your friends.

I am an avid outdoorsman. I have been outdoors since I was a kid. I was in Boy Scouts until we moved during my junior year of high school. At which point I was Life rank starting to work toward Eagle. I have been camping, hunting, fishing, hiking as long as I can remember. I have done presentations and workshops with groups ranging from children to adults. I have done several presentations/demonstrations in regards to fire making and knot tying (most popular) and many other topics. I have worked with a variety of scouts and leaders. We had a preparedness group where we would discuss various topics related to being prepared, canning, gardening, natural disasters, etc. I truly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have with others.

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